Working On Slopes

You may have seen in the press about the serious accident that recently occurred on the Sandringham Estate.
A gardener ended up upside down under his ride on mower in an ornamental lake within the grounds of Sandringham House
What appears to have happened was that he strayed from the flat area down a bank, lost control and he and the mower went in.
The incident was seen by a member of the public who raised the alarm. The gardener was pulled out from under the machine but had been underwater for a significant period of time.
Following both a police and an HSE investigation, the conclusion was that it was an unfortunate accident and no action against the estate is being considered

What Managers need to do is to follow the measures that the Sandringham Estate had in place:

1. Measure the slopes in the gardens/grounds you are responsible for.
2. Gather information from the manufacturer of the ride on machines about the maximum slope that they can be used on.
3. Match the machines to the slopes and ensure that all the relevant staff are aware of where they can and cannot use their mowers.
4. After the assessment it may be necessary to reinvest in machines that can operate on the slopes you have.
5. Ensure that the staff are adequately trained especially on any new machines that are brought in. Ask the supplier to give some training and seek a certificate of attendance or some other proof that they have done such training.
6. Ensure that the Health & Safety Staff Manuals are up to date and issued to each person.

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