Why should I comply?

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There are basically 2 reasons why employers should comply with health & safety legislation

  • By complying employers are reducing the risk of a serious acident or work related illness from occuring
  • It is the law & failure to comply could result in a criminal conviction, a criminal record and fines & costs being levied against the employer either corporately or individually

The Health & Safety Executive & other Enforcement Authorities are concentrating more on prosecutions after recent criticisms that they had not followed up sufficiently on a significant number of cases

By taking a more pro-active role in health & safety you can contribute significantly to reducing the number of accidents occuring, reduce the risk of being fined for non-compliance and save you and the industry a great deal of lost time and money.

For more information on your duties & responsibilities, go to the HSE webpage

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Services We Offer


Estate Management
Greens are one of the top firms in the country that provide health & safety advise to rural businesses and landed rural estates.

The following is a sample of the range of departments outside the “traditional” ones such as game, forestry, maintenance that Greens have covered

·         Public enterprises
·         Events
·         Hunt
·         PYO fruit
·         Apple juice production
·         Water bottling plant
·         Caravan park
·         Micro brewery
·         Country Park
·         Equestrian centre
·         Holiday cottages
·         Hotel

For further information about the bespoke service that we can provide, please contact us.


Farm Health & Safety
The experience that Andrew Green has of working in a range of farming enterprises and countries has enabled Greens to provide information to its clients that enables them to meet the statutory requirements in a very practical and reasonable manner.

We recognise that farmers and their workers want to comply but they don’t want the gold plated standards that other industries demand and whilst it is a strange selling feature, we aim to provide the basics and if the client  wants more, we will deliver that too.


Health & Safety Training
Greens can provide basic health & safety awareness training to members of estate staff in a manner that is thought provoking, informative and entertaining.

We can also advise clients on what statutory training they require such as chainsaw, quad bike, forklift etc

For those based in the South of Scotland, we are a registered training provider with Lantra and can organise courses with registered instructors to deliver training at a range of venues, primarily the clients own.

For further information about the bespoke service that we can provide, please contact us.

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